'Generation Z Slang Terms' Translated For Regular People

This dictionary is high-key facts, sis.
'Generation Z Slang Terms' Translated For Regular People

A teacher at a Massachussets high school has become the internet's latest fixation for posting a dictionary of Gen Z slang terms. James Callahan, a sociology teacher in Lowell, says that he started the dictionary so that he could better connect with his students.

Thanks to the internet and millions of bored teens on Twitter, slang is evolving at such a breakneck speed that this guide is probably useful to even the most hip Gen Z-ers out there. I know that I'll definitely be sending this to my mom.

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One of Callahan's students was behind this tweet, which then went viral:

The gesture is touching. The teacher has told media that he thinks that keeping tabs on current slang and current events helps him relate to his students and teach better. We stan good teachers!

At excerpt of the list can be found below. The whole list can be found here.

[rebelmouse-image 26893003 photo_credit="Prof. Callahan" expand=1 original_size="727x296"] Prof. Callahan

[rebelmouse-image 26893004 photo_credit="Prof. Callahan" expand=1 original_size="682x576"] Prof. Callahan

"Doubly inebriated"

[rebelmouse-image 26893005 photo_credit="Prof. Callahan" expand=1 original_size="682x520"] Prof. Callahan

[rebelmouse-image 26893006 photo_credit="Prof. Callahan" expand=1 original_size="682x389"] Prof. Callahan

The list is completely adorable.

[rebelmouse-image 26893007 photo_credit="Prof. Callahan" expand=1 original_size="681x519"] Prof. Callahan

[rebelmouse-image 26893008 photo_credit="Prof. Callahan" expand=1 original_size="682x518"] Prof. Callahan

The descriptions that he uses are hilarious. "Sis: an exclamation of disbelief/ a universal nickname."

The blessing that is Mr Callahan has made the entire dictionary available online. In return, he's asking for donations to his school. Apparently, one project has already been fully funded.

He is promising a second volume if the Internet helps him out with a different project:

The reactions this is getting are hilarious. Many people are praising the teacher's dedication.

Obviously, there are some important words missing from the list. I noticed that the all-important "stan" hasn't made its way in there yet, and others have pointed out that words like "Yeet," "Legit," "Straight up," "Whip," and "Savage" have yet to be added.

You know what, I give up trying to figure out Gen Z.


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