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Georges St-Pierre's Personal Problems Revealed And Its One Heck Of A Headliner

GSP is going to be a father! Yes it seems that Mr. Georges St-Pierre is on the path to fatherhood, but here is the kicker... TMZ is reporting that he does not want the baby. But on a more serious note, he also learned his father is dying and it has been tearing him apart.

This explains a lot in regards to this past weekends controversial split decision win vs. Hendricks at UFC 167 for the WW title.

He fought a very poor fight in the eyes of most fans and did not deserve the win.

Here is what GSP said post fight right after the win.

I have issues, man. I need to relax. I need to get out for a while. I don’t know what I’m going to do.

These reasons certainly would shake the world of any man, what do you think?

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