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Germany Is Now Offering Free Tuition To All Canadian Students

But you still have to pay for beer.
Germany Is Now Offering Free Tuition To All Canadian Students

If there's one issue on every Montreal student's mind, it's tuition.

Everyone still remembers the red square protests. Just last week I saw a student who was still wearing a red square on his backpack.

Although the issue is no longer making headlines the fact remains that tuition did go up again this year.

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But we have a solution for everyone who might be worried about the rising costs of tuition.

Study in Germany.

I know what you're thinking: "Jeremy you dumbass, I don't speak German."

But that's the beauty of it. Many courses in German Universities are actually offered in English, and international students don't have to meet the German language requirements to apply.

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But here's the real beauty, tuition is FREE!

In Germany undergraduate students don't pay any tuition fees in all the public universities since October 2014.

"From October and on, every federation is required to abolish tuition fees and offer free higher education to native and international students alike" - Source

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So if you ever needed an excuse to study abroad, this is it!

Curious about the programs offered in 2017? You can find a list of them right here.

If you want more information about studying in Germany in English, there is a very detailed guide posted right here.

And if you're serious about this. Click here to apply for a German study Visa.

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