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Germany Is Now Offering Free Tuition To Montreal Students

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Germany Is Now Offering Free Tuition To Montreal Students

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Tuition has always been a hot topic and sensitive issue for students in Montreal. I think we all recall two summers ago, during the student protest against tuition hikes. The price of school is still on the rise, despite the brief victory student's gained, though anyone worried about the rising cost of tuition can just head to Germany, where university is entirely free.

Germany has just gone back to offering free tuition to all students, and is now extending that invitation to all international students, Montrealers included.

Free tuition is a hard offer to pass up, though many of you are probably thinking: well if I go to school in Germany, don't I need to speak and study in German? Yes and no.

Most university in Germany do hold programs in German, but there is a growing amount of schools that offer classes in English as well. Masters programs in English are quite popular, but many undergraduate programs exist as well. Just look for the "international" add-on to the program's title, and it'll likely be taught in English.

Native French speakers are at a bit of a disadvantage with Germany university programs, though the gift of free tuition is definitely incentive to get good enough with your German or English.

Learn more about studying for free in Germany here.

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