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Germany Is Offering Free Tuition To All Canadian Students

Not many people know this, but there are many opportunities out there for Canadians to work or study abroad. 

But of course many of these opportunities are either very limited, extremely complicated, and often downright unappealing. 

Now, what if I told you that could explore the world while completing your studies for free. 

More specifically, you can study in Germany. And you don't need to speak German do it! 

This is by far the best opportunity for Canadian students. 

Many courses in German Universities are actually offered in English, and international students don't even have to meet the German language requirements to apply. 

And did we mention that tuition is FREE!?

Via studying-in-germany

In Germany, undergraduate students (native and international) don't have pay any tuition fees in all public universities since October 2014.

"From October and on, every federation is required to abolish tuition fees and offer free higher education to native and international students alike" - Source   

So if you ever needed an excuse to study abroad, this is it!

Curious about the programs offered in 2019? You can find a list of them right here.

If you want more information about studying in Germany in English, there is a very detailed guide posted right here.

And if you're serious about this. Click here to apply for a German study Visa.

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