Get Baked Montreal: Les Glaceurs Has Cupcakes Down To A Sweet Science

MTL Blog continues its search for the city's best baked good, and now we come to one of Montreal's most reputable cupcake vendors, Les Glaceurs.  For the last five years across Montreal, Les Glaceurs has built a reputation as the premiere cupcake-ery, satisfying sweet teeth with cups of cakey goodness. Les Glaceurs is definitely well known and established in the Montreal's baking scene, but do Les Glaceurs cupcakes live up to the hype?

With over 32 flavours, and changing flavours of the month, Les Glaceurs has a solid amount of variety. Fresh and local ingredients are a mandate at Les Glaceurs, which is reflected in its seasonal flavours like blueberry-chocolate. Rather than get too crazy with flavour combinations, Les Glaceurs sticks to traditional recipes and what is known to work.

Each of Les Glaceurs flavours are unique, with some superior to others. One thing I noticed across the cupcakes is the sugary icing. Sweeter than I personally enjoy, the icing doesn't seem to be a major focus of most of Les Glaceurs flavours, unlike many other cupcake places. Offsetting the sweet icing is the very dense, moist, and delicious cake base that runs across all varieties. A perfect ratio of moist and crumbly, the cake aspect of Les Glaceurs cupcakes is definitely their strong suit.

A top seller at Les Glaceurs is the Red Velvet Cupcake, and for good reason. The tartness of the cream cheese in the icing countered the sugar very well. Smooth, or velvety if I may, the icing paired perfectly with the red velvet base that had light hints of cocoa. Arguably better than the cake itself, Les Glaceur's Red Velvet cupcake is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Another ode to the classic, the Peanut Butter and Chocolate cupcake is another must try. Almost like a very fancy Reese's cup, the PB&C cupcake has a moist chocolate base and topped with a creamy peanut butter icing. Here is one cupcake where the icing is as good as the base. Using classic smooth peanut butter, the icing is creamy and rich in flavour, a great pairing with the moist chocolate cake.

Nearly all of the chocolate base varieties are delicious for the cake aspect, and the Smore's cupcake is a close second to the PB&C.Not just serving cupcakes, Les Glaceurs also does cake pops, macarons, special cakes, and serves Bilboquet ice cream in many locations. Special ice cream and cupcake deals exist for the indecisive, and hungry, customer, as well as custom requests on all cupcake and cake decorations. Great with classic flavours, and with many locations across Montreal, Les Glaceurs earned its cupcake reputation for good reason.

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