"Ghostbusters" To Be Shown In Montreal Movie Theatres After 30 Years Labour Day Weekend 2014

Must...resist... urge...to make "who you gonna call" joke...Ok, I'm good. Now onto the actual news:

The beloved film Ghostbusters is returning to theaters across Canada & the U.S. at the close of summer, 30 years after its original release. Special screenings will begin the weekend of labour day, fulfilling our collective dream of seeing the Stay Puft Man digitally remastered on a giant screen.

A re-release of Ghostbusters on Blu-ray and DVD is also set for September 16th, packed with a bunch of special extras, interviews, and even a deleted scene from Ghostbusters II.

No definite news as to which theaters will be hosting the Ghostbusters screenings in Montreal, but we'll definitely keep you posted when the date gets closer. Expect major theaters though, as this seems like a pretty huge event.

Just remember everyone: don't cross the streams.

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