Gifts You Should Never Ever Buy Your Boyfriend For Christmas

Check this list before you shop.
Gifts You Should Never Ever Buy Your Boyfriend For Christmas

People are always wondering what to buy for guys on Christmas, that's why we came up with a list of the best gifts for guys. But they often forget the more important step: Finding out what NOT to buy.

There are tons of gifts that may seem great at first but they're actually pretty terrible. So this holiday season, don't force your loved one to put on a fake smile while they lie to you about how awesome your gift it, get them something they really want and whatever you do, avoid the items on this list.

1. Bluetooth Speakers

Enough with the wireless speakers already! Everyone has at least 3 already, stop buy them. Are you really breaking out into spontaneous dance parties so often that you always need some wireless speakers handy?

2. Gym Memberships

Your intentions may be good, and you were nice enough to accompany it with a joke like: "To help you compensate for all those holiday sweets". But there is nothing cute about telling the man you love he needs to hit the gym. Unless he specifically asks for one, stay away.

3. Tickets For A Show That's Too Far Away

A couple of months is acceptable but if the show is taking place in Fall 2016, then maybe you should save that gift for another, closer occasion.

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4. Pets

Pets are adorable, but they should never be an impulse buy. In Montreal we have way too many pets who get abandoned every year so if you're going to adopt one, make sure you're in it for the long haul.

5. Jewelry

Unless it's an expensive watch, try to stay away from jewelry. Only 3 men should ever wear necklaces and bracelets:

  • Rich, fat, hairy guys who party on a yacht while wearing a speedo
  • Guys who killed a shark and must now proudly display the shark's tooth around their neck
  • And Criss Angel

6. Coat

Again, unless he asks for a specific coat, DON'T BUY ONE. A coat is an important purchase you get stuck wearing all winter long. So when you're buying one you better make sure it fits well, is actually warm and that it matches with most clothes in your wardrobe. It's just too much of a gamble.

7. Picture Frames

"Oh, that's so cute. A picture frame with a picture of us kissing in it!" That's the lie you'll be hearing on Christmas morning. But what he'll really be thinking is: "Did she seriously just buy me a picture frame?"

8. Clothes

The thing about guys is, we're really nice, so when you buy us ugly clothes we don't tell you what we really think. So please, this year don't force your boyfriend to wear the horrible shirt you picked out.

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9. Donation To A Good Cause

This is a gift you give to your boss, not to your boyfriend. To be honest even your boss might be a little pissed off.

10. Fallout 4

It's a great game but be warned, if you buy this you will not see your boyfriend for the next 3 months. There is such a things as a gift that's TOO good.

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