Gino G - Local Deep House Killer

We just recently caught wind of Gino and we are pleased to promote his talent.  The depth and intricacy of his tones and beats are astounding and they keep your body moving to the beat. His unique sounds stream into your ears and provide a soul massage that eases your every anxiety.  We are constantly on the lookout for up and coming sensations so you don't miss a beat when it comes to MTL music. So paddle hard to surf the party waves that Gino G is sure to create.

There are too many electronic music artist these days that simply picked up a computer and started spinning basics. Gino has music entwined into his spine. Being raised by his successful guitarist and composer of a father, he quickly planted roots of audio. He learned how to play the sax, piano, and drums at the young age of seven, and so began his musical evolution. His early steps were towards rock, his first show taking place at the ripe age of fifteen as a drummer in a metal band. It was soon after that; Gino discovered electronic music and all its glory. He felt the movement electronic provided, he witnessed the stories electro illustrated and he desired to become an author of sound. ever since then Gino has focused on wide ranges of electro; from German Techno, to deep house. No matter the genre this guy spins it transforms into musical gold.

Please do NOT miss his show this Friday, give him a chance to be the puppeteer to your strings.

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