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Girl Uses Nike+ App To Draw Male Genitals While She Is Out Jogging

Photo Cred - Running Drawing

Running, while keeping you super fit and healthy, isn't the most enjoyable or fun of tasks. Unless you're one of those weird people who actually enjoys putting your body through an hour of torture, running is probably a dreaded workout. San Franciscan Claire Wyckoff decided to change up the running game and make it a lot more fun, by drawing out dicks on her running route.

Using Nike+, Wyckoff, a copywriter and voiceover artist, does "draw running," which is basically using the GPS on her Nike+ to map out a route that looks like a big ol' d.

Don't think this crude or weird, Wyckoff is only doing what we've all done when bored with an activity. Who hasn't doodled a dick in math class, Superbad-style? Wyckoff is just getting fit with it.

Not solely a dick drawing running artist, Wyckoff also draws other, less sexy things too. Wyckoff has mapped out Slimer from Ghostbusters, a Space Invader alien, and even the head of a Mennonite.

Check out more of Wyckoff's mapped out dicks below and see her other creations on her Tumblr page here.

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