Girls Are Obsessed With Getting This Super Hot AF Tattoo

You're gonna want to look at it all day long.
Girls Are Obsessed With Getting This Super Hot AF Tattoo

Calling all girls, who hasn't been dying to get a tattoo this summer?. The tattoo trend has truly skyrocketed these past few years due to the new acceptance of tattoos. However,  one in particular has been trending a lot lately. The tattoo that all Montreal girls are going crazy for is a simple design located right on your underboob and your side boob.

These tattoos are truly beautiful and super sexy for summer time and really all the time. The location is perfect! It is subtle yet sexy that can be worn with anything. It is easily hidden but it can also be shown in multiple easy ways. So common girls, get your tattoo game on and get the hottest tattoo this summer.

The Tattoo Can be Very Simple But Sexy

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The simple but sexy design is honestly a great way to go for one of your first tattoos. Not only is it super hot, but it is also simple so it won't draw too much attention but just enough to catch peoples eyes. It is cute, sexy, and fun all in one. Sometimes it's best to keep it simple.

The Tattoo Can Be Extravagant And Beautiful

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This tattoo location is also a perfect place to go big and detailed without having to tattoo your whole body. Tattoos similar to the ones above are absolutely stunning! It is super extravagant but easy on the eyes. It is a great tattoo that can be shown easily and then can draw a lot of sexy attention.

The Tattoo Can Be Shown Easily

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If you want to show off your simple and sweet tattoo, then this location is absolutely perfect! The side boob is a perfect place to get an easily shown tattoo without being to showy. All you have to do is simply wear a bralette with an open cut shirt on the sides. Or, walk around in a bikini top!

The Tattoo Can Be Hidden Easily

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For those of you who are a a little more on the shy side, or who are trying to hide their tattoo from a parent or relative, then this is also a perfect location to have a great hidden tattoo! Not everyone has to see your tattoo and honestly most people won't if you simply wear regular t-shirts!

The Tattoo Is Great For Quotes

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If you have always felt a special connection to a quote but you simply don't know where to place it, don't stress! The side boob is a great location for a simple quote. It looks hot and sweet all at the same time. I mean let's be honest, everyone will be staring and reading it anyways!

The Tattoo Is Great For Roman Numerals

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The common desire to get Roman numerals tattooed on your body is truly a great tattoo idea. Well, a great location to put these Roman numerals is on your under boob. It is sleek, sexy and simple all in one. The Roman numerals look great here just because it has a great canvas that is large enough and small enough for intricate work.

The Tattoo Is Great To Get With Your BFF

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If you and your BFF are looking to get matching tattoos, then the side boob tattoo is great with for you! It is a great secret tattoo that only you and your BFF can share. It is perfect for that simple design that represents your friendship without being flashy.

The Tattoo Can Be Anything You Want

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The tattoo can be literally anything you want. The side boob and under boob tattoos are honestly great locations for any tattoo you please. They are truly beautiful and can be as personal as you want. Whether you can a flower, air plane, or pineapple, it doesn't matter because it is for you.

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