Girls Get Higher On Marijuana Than Men

Biology defines women as true stoners.
Girls Get Higher On Marijuana Than Men

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Lady-stoners, we have some good and bad news for you. Your hormonal composition makes you much more sensitive to the effects of THC, yet you also develop a tolerance much quicker than men. Kinda contradictory, but recent studies on the effects of cannabis on women has shown that may be the case.

Rebecca Craft, psychology professor at Washington State University, after noticing that many marijuana studies only used men as patients, has made it her scientific mission to understand the relationship between weed and the female form. Here's what she has found out so far:

  • Using rats as test subjects, Craft found that the female rats were 30% more sensitive to THC than males. Craft noted that this could lead to females experiencing the negative aspects of being high (paranoia, anxiety, etc.) more than males.
  • Female rats also built a tolerance to THC much quicker than males. Larger doses of THC were needed to reproduce the same feelings of pain-relief for females over time, as they built up a tolerance.
  • Estrogen plays a key role in female sensitivity to THC. When the rats were ovulating, with increasing estrogen levels, THC sensitivity was markedly increased.

So, basically, estrogen makes it easier for women to get high, as it increases drug sensitivity, although if a woman smokes regularly, she'll need higher doses of THC, due to how women build a quicker tolerance. More clinical trials (with actual humans) will need to be done, but Craft believes this is a solid basis for understanding women's physical relationship to marijuana.

But don't feel bad fellas, there's also found some cool info on boys and bud. Males, more than females, get the munchies in a much bigger way, as found in a studies performed in California. So dudes munch out more while ladies get high and build a tolerance more easily. I think women win out in when it comes to weed.

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