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Girls Who Twerk Are Happier, Smarter And More Fit

WARNING! Butts inside this post.
Girls Who Twerk Are Happier, Smarter And More Fit

We all remember how Miley Cyrus got seriously bad press for twerking on stage back in 2013. Turns out twerking is not as bad as you might think it is. If you look beyond the fact that it basically looks like dry humping, the rest is actually nothing but good news.

Let's look at the obvious first - girls who twerk are more fit. Not only are they more fit, but they're fit in all the right places. Twerking is one of the best exercises out there to shape your luscious booty, says Healthline. So if you want to have nice and round buns, you know what to do, girl!

In addition, according to Women's Health, twerking can burn more calories than a standard workout, i.e. over 1,000 cal in one hour. Not to mention that this kind of work-out is way more fun than usual cardio/weights exercises.

According to an Italian study, dancing can make you feel better about yourself and, generally, help you be happier. A bunch of patients recovering from surgery admitted that dancing made them feel more joyful than a regular gym workout or biking. Another Swedish study showed that young girls who dance have a higher self-esteem than those who don't.

Can twerking make you smarter though? Yes, it can. Dancing increases cognitive acuity at all ages, states the New England Journal of Medicine. In fact, dancing makes your mind more acute than reading, bicycling, swimming, doing crossword puzzles or playing golf does! In other words, if you have an exam you want to ace, for better results, twerk before taking it!

Here's a video that will have you hypnotized for a little while... these girls are obviously exceptionally smart, happy and fit!

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