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9 Ways To Feel Like Royalty In Montreal

Shop, dine, and live like a Queen or King.

Ah, the Royal family, their glamour and class intrigue us, making us wonder what it must feel like to be loaded, famous, beautiful and, well, royal! While one would think that this outdated institution would be less interesting to us in today's world, there is no denying we still love to consume anything that has to do with the royal family. We cried and mourned the tragic loss of Princess Diana. We swooned over Harry's military bod and envied his girlfriends. But perhaps most unanimously, we watched and cheered on Kate and William as they got married on live television. A whopping 72 MILLION people tuned in for this historic moment! And of course, we celebrated with the couple when they welcomed their son George, and recently, their daughter Charlotte, to the world! To say we are obsessed with the royal family is an understatement!

While unfortunately none of us can call Buckingham Palace home, there are so many ways we can experience the prestige of being royal. Montreal has tons of options when it comes to luxury and pampering, so you don't have to go too far to feel majestic. Likely none of us will ever truly know what it feels like to be royal, but pretending is just as fun! However, I don't see a ring on Harry's finger so you never know, anything is possible! Treat yourself to these elite Montreal establishments and let your inner prince or princess get the lavish treatment he or she deserves!

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101 Things To Do In Montreal Before You Die

A checklist you will want to complete.

As we show you on a daily basis, Montreal is an incredible city. You could spend an entire lifetime here and never run out of awesome things to do. However, since you don't quite have an infinite amount of time to roam the city, we wanted to show you what should be at the top of your Montreal bucket list.

UPDATE: Find the most recent additions to: things to do in montreal right here.

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12 Things To Do In Montreal This Weekend

January 1st - January 4th 2015

Photo Cred - Partywithsylvain

Congratulations Montreal on passing over a 2014 filled with parties and hangovers! However, we are pleased to inform you 2015 will be much crazier. In fact, it is only the first of the year and Montreal's promoters and bars already have amazing events, parties and things for you to do this weekend! This Thursday once again, MTL BLOG EVENTS is proud to present the top 15 things to do this weekend!

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Photo Cred - Benoit Vermette

MTL Blog Events has a great program for you this weekend Montreal. We are getting closer to Christmas which means partying, gifts...and more partying! From now on, every week we'll make sure to give you a top-notch selection of party possibilities. This means, every night, you can come back to this article to know what's popping in Montreal and where to get completely trashed in a great environment. Montreal, here you go: your 20 not-to-be-missed events this weekend.

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