Going Out In Montreal VS Going Out In Toronto

My honest opinion.
Going Out In Montreal VS Going Out In Toronto

So, which city is better? It's a never ending debate. I love to get away to Toronto sometimes. It's close, convenient and different. After having visited our neighbour on countless occasions, I want to share my experience with you in the most objective way possible. Keep in mind, I'm a single girl in my mid twenties, so what works for me, might not necessarily work of you. If you're a fun loving, energetic and positive person, then this post is definitely for you.


Montreal 4* | Toronto 5*

Montreal has some amazing restaurants like Joe Beef, Garde Manger, Maison Publique just to name a few... They're heaven for foodies and connoisseurs and are seriously the best in the world (yes, not only in Canada). However, according to some of my food snob friends, if you're a tourist in our city and decide to walk into a random tourist trap restaurant in the Old Port, you might not be very impressed with the quality of food and/or presentation.

Toronto, on the other hand, has surprised me on multiple occasions. I once took a stroll around Distillery District and walked into random restaurants as an experiment. Touhenboku, Cluny Bistro and Pure Spirits Oyster Pub... They were all outstanding.


Montreal 5* | Toronto 5*

If we're talking about quality restaurants, I have to say, service is exceptional in both cities.


Montreal 5* | Toronto 3*

Sorry, Toronto. If you're on a business trip in Montreal and decide to go out out alone, you'll end up with ten new best friends. Everyone is exceptionally friendly and easy-going. You'll get free shots, socialize and end up knowing everyone at the bar by the end of the night.

Toronto, on the other hand, is pretty snobby. Going out alone is not a good idea. People are divided into tiny groups and you can't sit with them (Mean Girls reference).


Montreal 5* | Toronto 5*

Both cities put a lot of thought into creating the right ambiance for their guests. Restaurants, bars, and clubs go out of their way and think through details of decor and lighting. Even though, Toronto's vibe is colder and less approachable, it has nothing to do with the restaurants' ambiance, it's the people. Both cities get five stars.


Montreal 5* | Toronto 5*

Montrealers like to brag about how culturally diverse they are. Well, I have to say that Toronto is actually quite diverse as well. Asian, Middle Eastern, South American... You can find a broad variety of restaurants in both cities.

Cool factor

Montreal 4* | Toronto 5*

Because Toronto people are snobbier and less approachable, it actually makes them cooler. They're that forbidden fruit you want to take a bite of, that fascinating group of people you want to be part of so bad, but can't. You know that feeling? Both cities dress well, but Toronto attitude gives them extra points. Montreal is like a chill dude who's friends with everyone. Toronto is a sassy vixen.

Fun factor

Montreal 5* | Toronto 4*

Montreal is more laid back and easy going. As a consequence, it's easier to let go and get a little wild in Montreal rather than in Toronto.

Total Montreal 29* | Toronto 27*

Oops! #sorrynotsorry

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