Good Things Happen When You Speak French

The Government of Quebec has lauched a new camapign to encoruafe more people to learn french. 

It's called #onparlefrancais and it includes a series of video testimonials from Anglophones who benefited from learning French. 

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The campaign also aims to promote the French language, but unlike the techniques Quebec had used in the past, which pretty much involve punishing people for using english, or paying for ads about learning French and only posting them in French (genius!), this is one campaign we can actually stand behind. 

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The first video features former hockey player PJ Stock who explains how learning French benefited him:

In another video, Judi Richards talk about all the ways her life has changed for the better since she learned French:

To learn more about the #OnParleFrancais, or to find out where you can learn french for free, check out their website.