Goodbye Burger King, Hello Fries King!

French Fries usher in a new era for the Burger King brand.
Goodbye Burger King, Hello Fries King!

Breaking news in fast food: Burger King has changed its name to Fries King! That's right, the burger giant has seemingly shifted its entire focus onto the side dish. Embracing all things french fries, Burger King has changed its name, restaurant signs, and even its twitter account. Insanity? Perhaps, but still delicious.

Burger King's bold brand move comes in the wake of the recent additions of the French Fry Burger, exactly what it sounds like, and the Satisfries, a lower calorie french fry with all of the same flavour. Only time will tell what the new fry-focus will bring. A variety of poutines for the Montreal market? Tons of different sauces for dipping like Frites Alors? FRENCH FRY BUNS!?? Keep checking back for more breaking fast food news.

Marketing stunt or legit name change? Happy to see the Burger moniker go, or are you lamenting the potential loss of the Whopper? Voice your concerns or joy in the comments below.

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