Google Has A Secret Hack To Help Find Your Phone

Everyone hates losing their phone. Everyone hates having their phone stolen even more. And for a while, I thought that when one of these two things happened, nothing could be done. 

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Sure, you might get lucky and have a nice stranger bring it back to you. You might get lucky and find it yourself. But what if I told you that there was a way to find your phone almost every time? I bet you'd be pretty stocked. 

I tend to have the worst luck when it comes to phones. I lose them all the time and I've even gotten them stolen. So naturally, I had to find out a way to find them because it wouldn't stop happening. And then one day, I happened upon the jackpot: Google Find My Device. 

Basically what this does is that it helps you find your phone when you don't have it. If you read my article about Google's stalker file, then you'd know that Google pretty much follows you everywhere you go. And the way that they follow you is through your phone. So yes, they've got tabs on your phone all the time.

But this is actually the best thing ever if you've lost your phone. They've got tons of things put in place to help you find it. All you have to do is this:

1. Go to My Account on Google

2. Find the Sign-in & Security section

3. Click "Find your phone"

Once you've done that, this is what you should see:

Via Natasha Lalonde

These options are lined up for you right next to a map of the city. So there are 3 things that you can do. The first option is my favorite. You can make your phone ring for 5 minutes and nothing can turn it off. Even if you put the phone on silent. So if someone stole your phone and they are nearby, you can catch them. If you lost your phone in your apartment, this will help you just as much.

You can also lock your phone and display a message on the home screen. So you can put a number to contact in case someone finds it and they won't be able to get in without the new password that you set. It's the ultimate steal-proof setting! And did I mention that you can track it on the map in real-time? 

And if someone did steal it and you can't get it back, then you can actually erase everything on the phone. They won't have access to your information or anything personal.

How perfect is this? Now you don't have to worry about misplacing your phone and having someone slip it out of your pocket. You can just locate it with a couple of clicks.