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Google Images Has Been Hacked

No cat pics for you.
Google Images Has Been Hacked

Search anything on Google Images right now and you'll only get one picture taking over nearly all image results , that of a car accident that occurred in Ukraine where three people were killed. No stress, your computer is fine, because this happening to everyone, and it's probably because Google got hacked.

According to Time, this has been going on for hours, though we only noticed this morning. North American Google Images searches are dominated by the single car-accident image, and searches in South America have also get the same results.

Google hasn't confirmed whether they've been hacked, but this seems like a super weird glitch to randomly be occurring in two continents. Here's the original image source of the car-accident, which happened 2 years ago, so no clue why someone would intentionally put this pic in place of kittens, dogs, porn, or whatever else you're searching.

At the beginning of the image-switch, the picture would change back to the original source. Images at the start of the search results would also be normal. Now, the car-accident pic stays superimposed on whatever you search and takes over nearly the entire search.

Looks a little too specific for this not to be the will of some external force. Google will probably be releasing a statement today, but either way their rep is kinda screwed. Either they messed up or they admit they are entirely hack-able. Kind of a lose-lose.

UPDATERecent searches have shown the potential hack has been fixed. No being can win over the modern god that is Google, for long.

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