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These Were Quebec's Most Googled Phrases & Questions In 2019

The Raptors brought everyone together.
Google Year In Search 2019 Shows Where Quebec & Canada Differ
  • Google just released its Year In Search 2019 and MTL Blog decided it would be fun to compare what Quebecers were searching as opposed to the rest of Canada.
  • Believe us when we say that you'll be surprised at some of the list-toppers of searched words.
  • Find out which words were the most searched by Quebecers in comparison to Canadians on Google in 2019 below!

You know the New Year is almost here when all the 2019 countdown lists begin and people start sharing their Spotify Wrapped playlists. We also found out today that Greta Thunberg was named Time's Person of the Year and that Google released its Year In Search 2019. So what were Canadians googling most this year, and how does it compare to what Quebecers were googling? Well, we're going to break it all down and you may be surprised with some of the list-toppers.

Or, perhaps you'll feel validated in your belief that Quebec really is a different place than the rest of Canada if Google searches are any indication.

And who says they are?

But it's still pretty interesting to see what things manage to unite the whole country, regardless of language. And then, other areas where language seems to divide La Belle Province so distinctly from its neighbouring provinces.

Music is one area where, understandably, language seems to dictate a pretty distinct divide between Quebec and the rest of Canada in relation to Google searches.

[rebelmouse-image 26887907 alt="Google Search Trends For Quebec Vs. Canada 2019" photo_credit="Google" expand=1 original_size="816x696"] Google

Local Quebec artists claim most of the top 10 spots of musician-related Google searches, though anglo Michael Bolton clearly holds a special place in the heart of the Quebecois... Who knew?

And kudos to 21 Savage for transcending the limits of language in 2019.

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Television provides similarly interesting insight. There is no surprise to me that Game of Thrones managed to break the language barrier to claim the top TV-related Google search spot in both Quebec and across the country.

[rebelmouse-image 26887908 alt="Google Search Trends For Quebec Vs. Canada 2019" photo_credit="Google" expand=1 original_size="801x675"] Google

And Chernobyl maintains it's #3 spot in both the province and Canada at large. But that number two spot is held by a TV show that requires no introduction to francophones in Quebec.

Occupation Double is an almost daily discussion here at MTL Blog, where our French sister site Narcity Quebec covers the show like no one else and we can't seem to get a single anglophone in the whole damn province to care.

Anglophones, amirite?

And the overall trends show, again, that some things transcend all barriers of geography and language, and in 2019 that thing was, without a doubt, the NBA Championship.

Also, please take a moment of silence to acknowledge "Panne hydro" as the #2 most Google-searched phrase of 2019. Let that sink in.

[rebelmouse-image 26887909 alt="Google Search Trends For Quebec Vs. Canada 2019" photo_credit="Google" expand=1 original_size="884x652"] Google

The Toronto Raptors' win brought the whole country together to an extent that it is clear basketball was the nation's sport in 2019, hockey fans be damned.

[rebelmouse-image 26887910 alt="Google Search Trends For Quebec Vs. Canada 2019" photo_credit="Google" expand=1 original_size="820x679"] Google

And when there's nothing else, at least we'll always have the desire for lasagna, banana bread and guacamole in common, right?

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