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Government Of Canada Is Recalling 1,739 Dangerous Elevators Across The Country

Specific residential elevators are affected.
Government Of Canada Is Recalling 1,739 Dangerous Elevators Across The Country

The government of Canada regularly posts product recalls on its website. Officials frequently order companies and distributors to remove items, usually food, that are reported to have made people ill or endangered consumers. Less often, recalls target non-perishable products with malfunctions. Thousands of cars, for example, have been recalled in the last decade due to potentially explosive airbags made by the company Takama.

One recent announcement, in particular, may pique consumers' worst nightmares. Yesterday, officials released a recall affecting over 1,500 potentially malfunctioning elevators. Specifically, according to the release, "this recall involves a selection of Elmira, Heritage, and Hybrid Residential Elevators containing first and second generation microprocessor controlled systems, manufactured by Cambridge Elevating between 2009 and 2017."

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TLDR: Approximately 1,739 residential elevators have been recalled in Canada because of a malfunction that may cause landing doors to open when the elevator is not present, "posing a fall hazard."

"Approximately 1,739 units of the affected products were sold in Canada and approximately 681 were sold in the United States," the announcement continues.

A suspected malfunction in "the microprocessor chip used to control the operation of the elevator" could "unlock" the landing door "when the elevator cab is not present, exposing an empty elevator shaft, posing a fall hazard." 

Thankfully, there are no reports of injuries. But this malfunction is definitely the stuff of horror films.

Elmira, Heritage, and Hybrid BES 1 & BES 2 model residential elevators with the serial number 2008XXX – 2017XXX are affected by the recall.

"The model, serial number, and manufacturing date can be located on the front of the electrical controller box," says the release.

The government warns riders and proprietors to "stop using the affected unit and contact the dealer who installed the elevator for the software safety upgrade" if they identify one such elevator in their building.

"Otherwise, consumers may contact Cambridge Elevating directly at 1-800-265-3579, to locate an appropriate dealer to complete the safety upgrade."

Review the full recall on the government of Canada website hereYou can also find more details on the Cambridge Elevating company website here.

Stay tuned.

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