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Legault & Dr. Arruda Unfortunately Ask That You Please Be Monogamous Right Now

"Let's say that monogamy is preferable at this time."
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  • The Government of Quebec has been holding daily public briefings to keep the population informed about the COVID-19 situation in the province and answer all questions that people may have.
  • One question that arose was whether partners who do not live together can continue to see each other — and the response was hilarious.
  • See what Premier Legault and Dr. Arruda answered to this inquiry below!

When it comes to the COVID-19 situation in Quebec, the population continues to have many questions. For example, can couples who don't live with one another continue to see each other during this time of social distancing, or will many be doomed to become star-crossed lovers? Well, this question was asked during a press conference on April 7, and the Government of Quebec provided us with quite the response.

Some of these press conferences have ended with Dr. Arruda's actions being turned into memes — ones made from love, of course. Watching him show us how to, quite literally, flatten the curve, is one of my personal favourites.

The same being-turned-into-a meme happened to Legault when he told Quebecers that "sometimes, a glass of wine may help." The kind of support we love! 

And now, these two iconic men have struck again with words to help lighten the current situation, while also answering a question that's weighing heavy on many Quebecers' minds.

If you've been wondering whether or not the government thinks it's okay for you to see your partner who you don't live with, the answer was revealed during the public briefing on April 7.

A full video of the government's press conference about the COVID-19 situation in Quebec on April 7 is available below.

But, the topic at hand comes into fruition around 46 minutes into the conference.

It begins with a journalist asking Mr. Legault and Dr. Arruda if couples who do not live together can still see one another during this time.

As you'll see in the video, Legault turns his head to look at Arruda with, as it seemed to me, an invisible question mark over his head.

And then Arruda lets out a little giggle, while of course, realizing this is a question that Quebecers need to be answered.

Dr. Arruda says it will often be a case by case situation.

But, he points out that the important thing to think of in this scenario is where the two lovers live, and whether such places are "hotspots" for the virus.

Essentially, Arruda says anyone living in a hotspot, like Montreal, should not be travelling to other regions since this could lead to a spread of the virus. 

Otherwise, it seems that it's okay to continue seeing your partner during the time of social distancing — as long as there's no risk of you potentially contaminating others by doing so.

But, there remains "a lot of considerations," Arruda said. For example, only having one lover...

Here's a screenshot from the press conference's transcript about how the rest of this conversation went:

[rebelmouse-image 26885823 photo_credit="Assembl\u00e9e nationale du Qu\u00e9bec" expand=1 original_size="437x162"] Assemblée nationale du Québec

TRANSLATION: Mr. Legault: ...stick to one partner.

Mr. Arruda (Horacio): One what? I didn't hear that.

Mr. Legault: Stick to one partner only.

Mr. Arruda (Horacio): Oh, okay, yes, yes, let's say that monogamy is preferable at this time.

So my fellow Quebecers, if you've been trying to keep your options open by playing the field, I guess now's the time to pick your favourite player.

In other happy news from the press conference on April 7, Legault also announced the tooth fairy has been added to the list of essential workers and will be continuing business for toothless children as usual.

A big thank you to both Premier Legault and Dr. Arruda for finding ways to brighten up tough subjects, and for answering all questions that arise during this time of uncertainty.

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