Government-Run Marijuana Stores Are Giving Customers Less Product Than They Pay For And Canadians Are Furious

The Canadian government has been dealing with all kinds of logistical issues and negative customer feedback ever since marijuana was legalized.

TL;DR Canadians have noticed when weighing their legal weed that it doesn't always line up with what the label reads – often getting less marijuana than expected, which has prompted some Canadians to feel "ripped off."

Let's focus on general customer feedabck, specifically when it comes to the marijuana packaging.

First off, many marijuana consumers are upset about the environmentally unfriendly plastic packaging. Although plastic is recyclable, it seems like no one at the Canadian government has been listening to the news the past 6 months.

Beyond the packaging, it's what's actually inside these clinical-looking plastic jars that has shocked many marijuana consumers across Canada.

When actually weighing the weed that's inside the packaging, it doesn't always line up with what the label reads.

In other words, marijuana buyers may be getting less product than they paid for, colloquially known as being "ripped off."

Of course, the term "ripped off" insinuates intentionality on the part of the seller. That's probably not the case.

Although, this trend has been spotted in cannabis stores across the maritimes and other provinces, it's doubtful that this is intentional on the part of the Canadian government.

However, regardless of intent, it's still upsetting for the buyer. Especially considering the high prices the dispensaries are charging and the long wait time to enter stores and receive packages in the mail.

It's important to note that Health Canada does allow for a variance in weight within a certain range, which makes sense. However, marijuana buyers have been complaining on social media that packages can be off by significant amounts,  enough to feel ripped off.

Some cannabis producer explain that since weed is a plant, some moisture loss is expected during the products' shelf lives. As a result, the product inside may end up weighing less overtime.

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That said, in Quebec, the SQDC's return policy states that "The SQDC does not refund purchases," whether you purchased in store or online.

So if you find yourself with less weed than you expected, unfortunately, there's not much you can do at this point except hope that the government will correct the issue going forward.