Government Warning: Parts Of Canada Warming Nearly Three Times As Fast As The Rest Of The Planet

Those Canadians in one of the four provinces affected by the carbon tax, which was rolled out by Trudeau's government yesterday, may be feeling the purse strings tightening as gas prices start to go up.

A new report put out by Canada's Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Division shows that this piece of the climate-change plan need be only the first step for Canadians when it comes to reassessing how we deal with our ever-warming planet.

The most harrowing piece of news: Canada is warming up twice as fast as the rest of the world, and this warming is "effectively irreversible" at this point.

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TL;DR As part of the Liberal government's climate change plan, Canada's Climate Change Report is here... and the news is dire.

Via Canada's Changing Climate Report

Here in Quebec we certainly experienced the undeniable warming that is occurring even during the wintertime - it was not too long ago that we were dealing with the harsh cycle of snowy rain, thawing and then re-freezing.

While winter was not "warm" by any means, we certainly saw our fair share of freezing rain, and we all saw the effects of the thaw and re-freeze cycle on our horribly icy sidewalks.

Because of Canada's vast northern territories that are (usually) covered with ice, we are seeing warming here twice as fast as the rest of the world.

The Arctic, which is essentially only ice, is warming at three times the speed of the rest of the planet.

Via Canada's Changing Climate Report

The graphic above shows projected sea-level change "along Canadian coastlines at the end of the century."

In addition to the warmer winters and increased precipitation that come with general temperature increases, the report shows that Canada is also seeing increases in "extreme fire weather" in the summers, which is paired with a scarcity of water.

The report breaks down the combined factors of this warming to include both human behaviour and natural changes in climate over time. However, the report is sure to point out that, "the human factor is dominant."

So, if you're heading out to protest this Friday, be sure you have read this report, and instead of cute puns on your sign, let's see some real, tangible demands for our legislators. 

Read the full reporthere.

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