7 Great Montreal Places to Get Day Drunk This Summer

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7 Great Montreal Places to Get Day Drunk This Summer

Even though the weather has been acting slightly crazy, nice weather is officially upon us! The sun's out, the temperatures are high and it actually feels like we have a chance of having a real summer. One of the great things about summer in Montreal is that no matter the day, no matter the time, there is always somewhere fun to get drunk! Have a couple days off during the week? Why not enjoy it on a terrace and soak up the sun with a few pitchers of beer? Or maybe a few rounds of sangria? Feeling inspired yet? Check out these great places where you can get your day drunk on.

1. Winnie's

1455 Rue Crescent

Sure, Crescent is a stomping ground for tourists. But lucky for you they tend to only invade it Friday through Sunday. Which means that Monday - Thursday is the perfect time for you to hit up the terrace at Winnie's and enjoy the weather with a couple cold ones. Their second floor terrace gives you a great view of Crescent, so you can be entertained by those below you. The clientele always varies and the staff there is used to the craziness of Crescent, so stumbling out of there at 5PM will be nothing new to them!


2. Irish Embassy

1234 Rue Bishop

This place is still downtown but far enough from Crescent that you don't have to worry as much about tourists. With a nice terrace in the front and an even larger one at the back, this place is perfect for starting your day off with a couple of great friends and even better drinks! The staff is friendly and they offer a variety of traditional Irish and Canadian meals, which are perfect for soaking up that midday alcohol! Be sure to order a drink from their extensive Scotch and Whiskey list!


3. Le Local

740 Rue William

Just west of Old Montreal, this terrace is perfect for someone who wants to enjoy the heat without getting burned by the sun. The terrace is shady and covered in ivy, providing patrons with a cool hideout from the sun while still letting them enjoy the weather! Want to keep your drinking limited to inside? This refurbished factory maintains its original industrial look keeping the inside just as cool as outside.


Photo Cred - Cabinet BB

4. Benelux

4026 Wellington

A relaxed environment with a microbrewery on site, this Verdun gem the perfect place to have a couple drinks with friends and just hang out. The environment is friendly and the terrace is slightly hidden in the back outside. The inside isn't a huge space but with a second floor installed, you won't have to worry about feelings of claustrophobia. The metro is only a minute away so it makes stumbling home all the more easier.


5. Ye Olde Orchard

322 Chemin du Bord-du-Lac-Lakeshore

So, you're from the west and looking to get a nice day-buzz going without having to worry about making your way home from downtown? Ye Olde Orchard's Pointe Claire Village location is the perfect place to go! With a cozy terrace and an interior that makes you feel like you just time warped back to the early 1900's, this Celtic pub has a variety of beers to choose from and cocktails that are just as cheap! The best part about it? The shock on first-time patrons faces when they see the staff, male and female, wearing kilts as they take your order!


6. Le Skratch

965 boulevard Cure-Labelle

Looking to get day drunk without having to worry about leaving Laval? Luckily for you Le Skratch is open everyday 8am - 3am. A relaxed atmosphere and tons of pool tables makes this the perfect place to have a couple of drinks and just hang out. There are tons of TV's all over the place playing whatever sporting event is happening. Grab a pitcher of beer, rack up some balls and you'll be in for a great day!


7. Sports Station

2051 St Catherine

Not only do they have a huge terrace in both the front and the back, and tons of TV's hanging everywhere, but this sports bar is known for their 4L pitchers of both beer and sangria! Drinks aren't expensive and there is a large, ever evolving menu with all kinds of sandwiches, burgers, pizza and more. With tons of TV's all over the restaurant, you can catch any type of sporting event imaginable.


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