Great White Shark Actually Spotted Swimming In Canada (Video)

Canada has a vast and diverse landscape, with everything from incredible mountains, to the sweeping sandy coasts. 

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With such a long coastline, Canadians have the luxury of spending a hot day like today at a beach. You're even more lucky if that beach is actually an ocean, where you can spot seals, whales and dolphins. 

Some sea animals are not as friendly as the ones mentioned above. You might even reconsider going to the beach and especially swimming in the ocean if you knew that a dangerous predator was lurking beneath the water. 

The king of the sea and the top of the food chain – a great white shark was spotted in New Brunswick, measuring an astounding 28 feet long! That's right, Jaws was seen right here in Canada. 

Sharks usually grow up to 22 feet long, but this one was even bigger and definitely larger than the average shark. 

Sharks aren't just mindless creatures though. They can actually sense other creatures from miles away! So before you go swimming make sure you're aware of your surroundings, or maybe just get a nice tan safely on the beach! 

Check out this incredible video below about the king of the sea- the great white shark: