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Great White Sharks Have Been Spotted Lurking In Canadian Waters

At least four tagged Great Whites have been spotted.
Great White Sharks Have Been Spotted Lurking In Canadian Waters

The CBC is currently reporting that two Great White Sharks have been spotted off the Coast of Canada, displaying new, and potentially troublesome behaviour. 

The two sharks have been lurking around off the coast of Nova Scotia for some time, and scientists have been tracking them after they were tagged for research.

It seems the sharks have realized how many seals exist around Sable Island and have decided to make it their new vacay spot, as they spent much of last summer in the region.

While Great White Sharks generally pose little danger to humans, the endangered species do pose potential threats to "critical" habitats around Nova Scotia that are home to other endangered species at risk.

The first shark is a female that was tagged in Cape Cod and the second was a male that was tagged last summer near Port Mouton, Nova Scotia. 

And according to the CBC, the male is actually the first ever Great White Shark to be tagged in Canada

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The "troublesome behaviour" noticed by the sharks is their keen ability to intercept grey seals as they travel from the colony on Sable Island to other shores around Nova Scotia.

The smart sharks have been seen moving around the Sable Island area, sticking close to the surface of the water to catch seals and searching nearby areas for other prey.

The CBC notes that the sharks have been "ranging progressively farther and habitually returning to the same locations," and that tuna fishermen in the area have reported sightings of the Great Whites.  

In addition to these two Great Whites who spent last summer in Nova Scotia, there were four other Great Whites that came to Nova Scotia after being tagged in Cape Cod.

While Great Whites can bring to mind Jaws, these predators are obviously looking for seals and not humans. And four Great Whites being spotted here is nothing compared to the hundreds of tagged sharks that roam around Cape Cod on a regular basis. So, we have that reassurance at least. 


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