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Green Day's Billie Joel Armstrong Is Playing A Concert In Montreal With His Secret Band

They just dropped their first record.
Green Day's Billie Joel Armstrong Is Playing A Concert In Montreal With His Secret Band

Greenday has been a driving force in the rock scene since the 90's.

Honestly, they're pretty much my youth summed up - and even the younger generation today grew up with iconic Greenday records like American Idiot from their younger days. 

Musicians are eclectic beings (at least the good ones), and often not limited to one small scope of their art and talent. 

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Billie Joel Armstrong, Greenday's frontman, has been no exception. He has seen immense success leading the 90s mainstream punk rock outfit, and he has ventured off elsewhere into folk music with Norah Jones - which is a beautiful record - as well as with his new project. 

A new band, The Longshot, just dropped their debut record today. You probably don't know who they are, or at the very least did not know it was Armstrong's new music project

Here is one of their videos:

Diehard Greenday and Billie Joel Armstrong fans will be happy to hear that the new band will be playing a small, almost secret concert at Montreal institution, Foufounes Electriques in May!

The show was just announced, and it probably flew way under your radar unless you knew what to look for... but trust me, this is not to be missed. 

It is a very rare occasion to see such a mega rockstar in a small, intimate venue - and really, what other clubs in Montreal could be as perfect for this type of event than the iconic Foufounes Electriques?

Here's what you need to know:

What?The Longshot, Armstrong's new band in Montreal

When? May 29th, 2018 -  Show at 7:00 PM

Where? Foufounes Electriques

How Much? $27.50. $32 at the door.

Tickets will go on saleon April 27th at noon

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