Montreal's Griffintown Is Getting Its Own Marché Adonis

Get excited.
Montreal's Griffintown Is Getting Its Own Marché Adonis

To all y'all living it up in a trendy condo in Griffintown (or just happen to live in the area), you're life is about to get way better, as a Marché Adonis is moving into the neighbourhood.

Announced by District Griffin, one of Montreal's largest condo complexes located at Wellington and Peel, the new Marché Adonis will be one of the many stores housed within District Griffin sur Peel's 300 000 sq/ft commercial gallery.

No specific dates were given as to when the new Marché Adonis will open its doors, but one thing is for certain: the Mediterranean-Middle-Eastern-Lebanese supermarket chain is going to be a major boon to Griffintown residents.

Heralded as one of the (if not the) best grocery stores in all of Montreal, Adonis is the epitome of selection. With their delicious hot table foods, surprisingly affordable prices, and delectable dessert section, Marché Adonis is a grocer every borough wishes they held within their borders.

So bravo Griffintown, your place as one of the city's "it" boroughs has only been cemented further, because come on, Adonis is that amazing.

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