Grilled Cheese 'Cronuts' Will Clog Your Arteries In The Most Delightful Way

Photo cred - huffingtonpost

The croissant-doughnut hybrid that is the infamous cronut has been fulfilling our fried pastry dreams for the last year or so now, with its layer upon layer of sweet flaky goodness. Originally created by pastry genius, Dominique Ansel, the cronut saw crazed foodies clamouring to get their hands on one, with many bakeries seeing line-ups go around the block and even scalpers selling them for up to $100 each on the black market.

Well, prepare yourselves to foodgasm all over again, as food blog  Oh, Bite It! has elevated the not-so-humble cronut to even higher levels of food porn, combining two of the world's greatest foods to make one glorious, delightfully heart-clogging savoury doughnut. And what's even better is you don't even have to be a master pâtissier to make one yourself.

While a real cronut recipe calls for much technical ability and about three days to prepare, all you need to make your own grilled cheese doughnut are Pillsbury Crescent Dough Sheets, Velveeta cheese slices and some oil for frying. Three simple, everyday ingredients, and you too can be putting a grilled cheese 'cronut' in and around your mouth within a matter of minutes. After all, sliced bread is rather old hat.

For a complete break down of the preparation process, you can check out the full Oh, Bite It! recipe here.

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