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Grilled Cheese Fries Are The Tastiest Comfort Food Ever Made

It would be a sin not to dip these in tomato soup.
Grilled Cheese Fries Are The Tastiest Comfort Food Ever Made

Grilled cheese is pretty limited when it comes to customization possibilities. I mean sure, you can change the kind of cheese you use, or for the truly daring, you can cut the grilled cheese in halves instead of triangles. Of course there's a special circle in hell reserved for people who do that so I'd be careful about angering the grilled cheese gods if I were you.

The good news is that it seems the crazy cooks at Oh Bite It have managed to find a grilled cheese customization that won't get you banished into the afterlife for all eternity.

Presenting the grilled cheese fries. They're the only fries that go great with a side of fries, or tomato soup (if that's your thing). In fact the more I think about dipping these little fried bad boys in tomato soup the less likely I am to finish this article.

Now let's hurry up and get this recipe over with because I'm getting hungry. You'll need:

  • 2 packs of Pillsbury butter crescents.
  • Cheese slices (these were made with Velveeta sharp cheddar)
  • Canola oil for frying.

Start by laying out your crescent dough triangles into one big sheet (pinch the edges together so they don't come appart). Lay out your cheese in an uneven pattern over the dough (use a s much or as little as you're comfortable with). Add a second layer of dough. Gently mash the cheese into the dough. Flip it and mash it again. Slice the sheet into fry sized pieces. Drop a few at a time in 350 degree oil for a few seconds each. Let them drain and cool using some paper towels. Devour.


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