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Grilled Cheese Latkes Are What You Need To Be Eating This Hannukah

Potato and cheese in perfect harmony.
Grilled Cheese Latkes Are What You Need To Be Eating This Hannukah

Photo cred - Kosher in the Kitchen

Yesterday was the first day of Hanukkah, the Jewish festival of lights that coincides with Christmas time. Xmas-eats tend to get the the most attention during the holiday eating season, but Hannukah has more than a few decadent treats that give anything Xmas-y a run for their money. Case in point: Grilled Cheese Latkes, by Kosher in the Kitchen.

Latkes, for any unfamiliar, are essentially just fried potatoe pancakes. Think of latkes like a more legit version of McDonald's hash browns, though if you've actually eaten latkes before you know they're much better. Often paired with sour cream and apple sauce (both are great, trust) the classic Hannukah dish has been made even more comforting and given the grilled cheese treatment.

If you know how to make latkes, recreating them as grilled cheese is just another (and very) simple step. Once you have two latkes in the pan, and they've already been nicely browned, just put some cheese on one, fry for a bit longer, then once the cheese is a bit melty, sandwich the latkes together and keep frying until they're fused by the magic of melted cheese.

Photo cred - myjewishlearning

Many of you may not know how to make latkes, but trust, they're incredibly easy to prepare. Shredding potato will be the most arduous step, and from there all you do is mix the potato with eggs, flour, some scallion, and seasoning, and you're set. Head to the original recipe here, which breaks down the whole process for you.

Hanukkah ends on December 24th, so you have a full week to enjoy these Grilled Cheese Latkes, though in truth, they will make a delicious snack any time of the year, it's just now you can say you're embracing Jewish food culture as an excuse for making + eating these comforting delights.

Photo cred - Busy in Brooklyn

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