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"Grumpy Cat" Cake Pops, Here Is How To Make Them

So grumpy, so delicious.
"Grumpy Cat" Cake Pops, Here Is How To Make Them

Everyone loves cake, and everyone loves Grumpy Cat, and now the two no longer need to be mutually exclusive. With a simple cake pop recipe and clever decorations, you can make a delicious sweet treat with the adorably angry face of Grumpy Cat.

Having just made an official endorsement deal with Purina PetCare to be the official 'spokes-cat' for Friskies cat food, Grumpy Cat (nee Tardar Sauce) doesn't seem to have much to be angry about these days. Help to put her back in her classically bad mood by literally eating her face, in cake form of course.

Start out with basic cake pop procedures: bake and crumble a cake, then roll it into balls and insert onto a stick.

Then dip your balls (if you laughed, congrats you're super immature) into a meltdown of yellow, vanilla, and chocolate candy wafers/melts. These can be bought at most specialty food or craft stores like Bulk Barn or Michaels.

While the coating is still wet, attach Grumpy Cat's chocolate ears and etch out her face. Finally just add her blue eyes (confetti wafers broken in half) and use a toothpick or Q-tip to add on the additional brown and white chocolate for the rest of the details.

After those few steps you'll have your very own Grumpy Cat Cake Pops to admire, desire, and then devour! Eat that scowl clean off.

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