Guadeloupe Is The French Caribbean’s Best Kept Secret And You Need To Discover It ASAP

I'm all about travel (who isn't?). There's nothing more exciting than setting off to faraway lands, discovering new cultures and creating unforgettable memories! So you can only imagine the sheer happiness I felt once I came upon a highly underrated GEM that I'm seriously about to book a flight to - like, LIVE.

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Now, I'm fully aware that some people enjoy hitting up their usual all-inclusive resorts, but I'm looking for something better; something EXTRA, a special place that'll leave me in awe. For the kindred spirits out there who feel my burning desire to explore a landscape treasure brimming with spectacular sights and exhilarating adventures, look no further than gorgeous Guadeloupe

Allow me to list a few quick facts to set the tone as to why Guadeloupe is THE glorious vacation you never knew you needed. You can't ask for more accessibility: eight weekly flights straight from Montreal during high season. Not only is travel time just under five hours, but Guadeloupe is in the same time zone as us. That's right: no jet lag, so you'll feel fresh as a daisy and ready to party once you've landed!

And forget that "expensive" misconception; you can definitely afford to visit this magical French West Indies destination and pamper yourself a little with all those euros you've saved up!Oh, plus French is Guadeloupe's official language, sooo yeah - Mtl bilingualism strikes again in our favour, yayyy!

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Plus, the BEACHES! With five stunning islands boasting white sand, crystal-clear water, and tropical palm trees, Guadeloupe's beaches are pristine! No one on your Insta feed is gonna know what hit 'em when you're s l a y i n g your seaside pics. Prepare to have your mind blown with a huge grin on your face as you relish soft warm sand between your typically cold Canadian toes. With each impeccable island less than a one-hour boat ride away, you can easily check every beach off your bucket list!

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If you're an active traveller who's into hiking and sightseeing, you'll want to go canyoning and discover Basse-Terre's incredible volcano, La Grande Soufrière. Fall in love with majestic gushing waterfalls, private swimming coves, and lush mountains and rainforests. In Guadeloupe, fun in the sun takes on infinite forms of awesome outdoor beach activities: kitesurfing, jet-skiing, kayaking, and scuba diving, just to name a few.

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Are you a foodie who travels nearly exclusively just to discover drool-worthy grub? Guadeloupe's got you COVERED! Considered one of the Caribbean's finest culinary capitals, this archipelago's food selection runs the gamut from fresh seafood to passion-fruit flavoured crème brûlée, drawing inspo from Caribbean, Creole, and French cuisine. In terms of cocktails, indulge in their famous Ti’ Punch rum specialty and sip the day away.

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Listen, I'm ready; you're ready... Wanna go? Guadeloupe is the breathtaking seaside holiday we've been yearning for. Its natural beauty, astonishing beaches, thrilling adventures, and authentic cuisine is the stuff of DREAMS, I tell ya. But I am now WOKE, fellow globetrotters. Feed your wanderlust by escaping to this often-overlooked French-Caribbean phenomenon ASAP! Five idyllic islands, one life-changing getaway - the choice is yours. (It's a no-brainer, I promise!)

Via Visit Les Iles de Guadeloupe

For more information on booking and planning your Guadeloupe holiday, check out Visit les Îles de Guadeloupe's website, Instagram, and Facebook.