Guess What? These Photographs Are Actually Paintings, You Won't Believe Your Eyes

Pro painter Louis K. Meisel took it upon himself to up the game in the painting world. For decades now he has practiced and perfected the medium of "Photorealism". He also assembled 5 golden rules to painting in the artform and they are...

1. The Photorealist uses the camera and photograph to gather information.

2. The Photorealist uses a mechanical or semimechanical means to transfer the information to the canvas.

3. The Photorealist must have the technical ability to make the finished work appear photographic.

4. The artist must have exhibited work as a Photorealist by 1972 to be considered one of the central Photorealists.

5. The artist must have devoted at least five years to the development and exhibition of Photorealist work.

Over that time he has also collected and gathered the best photorealist paintings from around the world and has made 4 different books

Take a look below at some of the examples in his latest book called "Photorealism in the Digital Age".

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