Guide To Getting Prepared For OktoberFest

How to get ready for the year's best beer festival.
Guide To Getting Prepared For OktoberFest

Oktoberfest is a German tradition of eating, merrymaking, and getting wasted off of great beer. We're a long way from the Oktoberfest home country, but that shouldn't limit your celebrating. If you don't know much about the holiday, read on to find out how you can party like a Bavarian, and take part in the world's largest Volkfest (people's festival).

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Find your festival

First things first: find an Oktoberfest party. This really isn't very hard. BEC is throwing OktoBECfest at Sid Lee this Thursday, where MTL Blog will be partying. A little farther out is Beau's Oktoberfest 2013, or the Kitchener-Waterloo celebration which is the largest outside of Germany. If you want to keep it a little more low key, certain bars, like Ye Olde Orchard, will be having smaller celebrations. Or throw your own Oktoberfest themed party. No matter where you celebrate, just get into the drinking spirit.

Get drinking

Beer is integral to any Oktoberfest celebration, so if you're a beer hater or a sober-Sally, maybe this isn't your kind of festival. To all functional alcoholic readers, now is the time to rejoice. Beer will be flowing like water at any proper Oktoberfest, and most feature some awesome micro brews along with more mainstream beers. Just be sure to pace yourself, because you don't want to become a bierleichen (beer corpse) for your friends to take care of.

Wear some liederhosen

If you love party costumes, and can't wait for Halloween, Oktoberfest has some pretty good costume options, equally slutty and hilarious. Guys can get away with wearing stockings paired with leather shorts and suspender, known as Liederhosen. Gals can get decked out in a 'dirndl,' a basic dress with a gathered waistband. Top it all off with a Tirolerhute, a Bavarian hat with a piece of goat hair attached. Okay, the hat is a little intense, but everything else is fun, festive, and leaves a lot of room to get sexy.

Get hungry for pretzels and sausages

Food is a huge part of Oktoberfest, nearly on par with the beer. Traditional Oktoberfest eats include: sauerkraut, potato salad, red cabbage, soft pretzels, and succulent sausages. You gotta keep your energy levels up with something, and Oktoberfest has more than enough salty, savory, and sweet treats to keep you going.

Become immersed in the culture, and have fun

Beer, food, and costumes are all great ways to have a true Oktoberfest experience, just don't be shy to participate in other festival activities. Challenge yourself with a few drinking games, like a beer keg tapping competition or an empty keg toss. Watch or take part in many of the parades that go on at larger venues. Learn a traditional German chant or drinking song. No matter what, just have a good time.

Did we miss an integral aspect of celebrating Oktoberfest? Are you incredibly pumped? Let us know in the comments below.

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