Guide To The St-Jean Weekend, When And Where To Get Wasted

Our national holiday St-Jean Baptiste is 4 days away, and everybody knows that this holiday is meant to be PARTIED OUT. But I can almost guess with certainty that you're still trying to figure out where the fuck to get your drink on, and what the fuck to do exactly.

So here are a few suggestions on how to show off your Quebecer pride, always in a drunken way.

On the road to Quebec

Why not, right????

Alright, now maybe you were thinking of taking a weekend trip to Quebec city, because let's be real, this is the fucking core of the party.

On the Saturday, go to the Abraham Plains (behind the Concorde) for the Party Clandestin de la St-Jean, to listen to some live bands including Imposs, Omnikrom and Quebec Smashers. Then party it up until morning to the music of a series of DJs from all over Quebec.

For us Montrealers who don't have a ride to QC

Saturday, June 22nd

We URGE you to go out at la Place des Festivals and check out all the free shows happening at Les Francofolies de Montréal. Check out their site for all free shows playing on Saturday.

Sunday, June 23rd

Spend the morning kayaking on canal Lachine (you can rent them at the little shop just across the bridge from Atwater street), and the afternoon having beers at the St-Ambroise brewery patio. If you're still in the area, go see Sam Roberts open for the Tragically Hip at the outdoors stage on the canal Lachine - an event presented by Osheaga.

Monday, June 24th

TONS of stuff to do on the actual Saint-Jean day but we STRONGLY recommend you get your Quebec roots on and check out the event organized in Villeray called "Le Québec au coeur de Villeray".

What to drink?

Now, to get the party started while showing off our Québécois pride, here are a few recommendations for beers MADE IN QUEBEC:

- L'Éphémère: these 750 ml bottles come in various flavours: cranberry, apple, cassis, peach, and raspberry. Why not try all of them in one night??

- L'Aphrodisiaque: Once you're tipsy and just need a little push to put a move on that hot girl/ guy next to you, try this 5% Stout. ''Aphrodisiaque'' is a natural substance that stimulates sexual desire... oh yeah.

- La Chanvre rouge: Look for the hemp leaf on the bottle. Infused with roasted chestnuts. No, you can't smoke it.

- St-Ambroise à l'Érable: Is there anything more Quebecer than getting drunk on maple beer?? The other option is to make beer batter with it for your hangover pancakes the next morning. TOUGH IT UP.

All these delicious beers can be bought at any "good quality" depanneur. Sorry Ontario, you suck.

What to eat?

This Saint-Jean post would not be complete without your hangover food recommendations.

Pretty simple. Quebecers love their greasy poutines and hot-dogs. Go to your closest La Belle Province (google maps) and you will be in heaven, no matter if you're drunk, hungover or just plain normal, its all good. It works for everybody.

OK dudes. So I hope that gives you enough places and ways to party HARD this coming weekend... they are predicting rain for the weekend, but don't be lame and let that stop you from going out. Have a great St-Jean Baptiste ESTI!!!