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Habs Fans Invited To Meet P.K. Subban Downtown Montreal Today

You know you want to.
Habs Fans Invited To Meet P.K. Subban Downtown Montreal Today

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Habs fans, you're going to thank God its Friday for an entirely different reason today. It may be gloomy, and you may have an entire day's worth of work to get through before the weekend officially begins, but there will be one shining light at the end of the tunnel getting you to Friday evening. No, not the six-pack in your fridge right now (well maybe a little), we're talking about your chance to meet P.K. Subban live and in person for free tonight in downtown Montreal.

Centre Hi-Fi on St. Catherine (map) has teamed up with PSB Speakers to create a Habs-tacular event, with super star P.K. Subban in attendance and present for your viewing pleasure.

From 5pm to 7pm on this Friday, October 24th, Subban will be at Centre Hi-Fi meeting and greeting the populace while also signing autographs. Fans in attendance will also get the chance to win tickets to see Subban in motion at the Rangers vs. Habs game on Saturday, and while free seats at the game is definitely a huge draw, you'll still make it out just to shake hands with Subban.

The official promo poster for Centre Hi-Fi's #TeamM4U event says to meet Subban, you gotta buy a pair of PSB Speakers online first. Hopefully that's really just a clever marketing strategy to get people to buy the headphones. Besides, we doubt no amount of security will be able to stop the super-fans who couldn't be bothered with purchasing speakers and just want to see Subban.

Centre Hi-Fi's meet P.K. Subban event takes place from 5pm to 7pm at 385 St. Catherine. Head to the Centre Hi-Fi Facebook page and the PSB Speakers Twitter feed for more detail and any updates.

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