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10 Amazing Habs Haircuts By Montreal's Notorious Barbershop

The cleanest cuts on the way to the Cup.
10 Amazing Habs Haircuts By Montreal's Notorious Barbershop

The boys down at Notorious Barbershop have been getting quite crafty with their razors and kick ass skills all in Habs spirit. Here are some of their awesome masterpieces to amp you up for game 7 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

They set up shop outside the Bell Centre for every home game offering Habs logo cuts for free! And although game 7 is in Boston, you might want to try to book a haircut at their shop in time for the puck drop (that's IF you can get an appointment...these boys are hot stuff right now).

Let's hope Montreal's devotion to hockey and style will bring home the win!

Youpi is a great stylist...wonder if they will hire him at Notorious?

That's one close shave for the Habs victory I tell ya!

The Habs logo never looked as good. Great masters of barbership they are!

If the cup is cut then it's a guaranteed Habs win!

True pride goes beyond the fashion statement.

Bruins better beware cause we are coming to kick their *@$$!!!

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Would you cut your hair if it made the Habs win?

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