Habs Vs. Lightning Game 6 Will Be Shown At The Bell Centre For $10 A Ticket

Join the biggest Canadiens party in town.
Habs Vs. Lightning Game 6 Will Be Shown At The Bell Centre For $10 A Ticket

The Bell Center will be roaring tomorrow night (Tuesday, Mai 12th) for game 6 against Tampa Bay. While the game itself will be played in Tampa, that won't stop thousands of Habs fans cheering on their favorite team on home ice, proving once again that we are the greatest fans in the world.

The Montreal Canadiens and evenko will be presenting game 6 at the Bell Center on the giant screen and tickets will be on sale for only $10!

In addition to being the biggest Habs party in town for what is guaranteed to be one hell of a game, there will also be DJs, entertainment and prizes to be won. Doors open at 5:30pm and the game starts at 7:30pm.

Tickets go on sale today (May 11th) at 12:00pm at evenko.ca

Tampa Bay Lightning​ Have Been Banning Habs Jerseys From Their Home Playoff Games

Brendan Gallagher Shared A Cute Photo With A Possible Girlfriend & Here's What We Know

Could love be in the air for this Montreal Canadiens player? 💕

Love may be in the air for Montreal Canadiens player Brendan Gallagher, who posted an adorable photo of himself with a possible girlfriend on Instagram.

The number 11 right-winger has been historically private about his love life with his last "media courtship" dating back to 2017 when he was spotted with Montreal's Vanessa Grimaldi, a former The Bachelor contestant, which could be why the photo sparked thousands of "likes," hundreds of comments and a whole lot of buzz.

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Hockey nicknames are ubiquitous in the NHL. Pretty much everyone has one. But let's face it, most of them are just names like "Gally" — stale, unoriginal and based on the guy's last name. But sometimes, a hockey nickname comes around that's so genius and so telling of the man behind it that you just have to stand up and applaud.

Cole Caufield's nickname exists in this pantheon of genius hockey names. Apparently, the diminutive forward was dubbed "The Cock" by the one and only Shea Weber.

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Here's Carey! After a very dramatic week for Montreal Canadiens fans, Carey Price decided to take to the ice for what looks like a short training session with the team. His short yet sweet appearance will certainly lift everyone's spirits and remind everyone to keep calm and Carey on.

In a video, Price is shown doing a few goalie drills without equipment on. While it's strange to see him on the ice out of his goalie gear, his swagger is unmistakable even after spending all this time away from the game.

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Former Montreal Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin Shared A Message After He Was Fired

The team needed a "fresh start," according to Canadiens president Geoff Molson.

A day after the Sunday firing of his general manager, Montreal Canadiens president Geoff Molson said that the team needed a "fresh start."

At a press conference on Monday, Molson said that the decision to fire Bergevin was "necessary" after an "unacceptable" start to the season.

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