Hackers Are Cloning Canadians' Facebook Accounts Without Their Knowledge

It seriously sounds like a nightmare come to life.
Hackers Are Cloning Canadians' Facebook Accounts Without Their Knowledge

When we make our online social media accounts, we're told to look out for hackers with the intent of getting into our accounts and taking them over.

So, most of us come up with some pretty unique passwords. We log out of our accounts whenever we're not using them. Every precaution is taken to make sure a hacker doesn't find a way to completely ruin our lives through our Facebook accounts.

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Well, it looks like people are finding new ways to pretend they're you online.

Your Facebook account can be cloned and it's so easy that most people don't even know it has happened to them until its too late.

One Toronto woman's Facebook account was cloned for use in a Buy and Sell group she was in and the aftermath is pretty terrifying. 

The imposter account looked identical to the woman's real profile, making it that much more impossible for unsuspecting targets to point out the danger. 

It seemed completely harmless at first, the fake account was asking members of the group if any teenager or young adults would be interested in being a clothing tester for a new company.

The person was offering to send people free clothing for a quick review, so of course people began jumping on board right away.

It begins to get a little suspicious when the imposter account explains they are especially interested in young girls between ages 12-18 sporting the clothes.

What's haunting is how many innocent people actually responded to the post, offering to have their teen daughters wear the clothes and even sending photos of their children to the account.

Once the woman who's identity had been stolen saw the unusual post was under her name in the group, she notified moderators and called the police right away.

Unfortunately, it may have been too late.

The mothers that had offered their daughters as models were added to a private Google Hangouts chat with the imposter and asked to send photos of their teenagers in their "best fitting bra" and "tighter fitting clothing" so that measurements could be taken. 

This was a super scary situation that resulted in a child predator cloning a helpless woman's Facebook account, and getting away with it even just long enough to manipulate other unsuspecting people.

The truth is, hackers and online predators are trying new tactics that no one really knows about yet. You can't really stop someone from making a clone account until it has already happened.

But reporting suspicious or out of character posts from someone you know is probably the best thing to do before letting your guard down.

Do you know if someone's been cloning your accounts?


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