Hackers Claim To Have Stolen Data Of 90,000 Bank Of Montreal Customers

There's an unusual "hostage situation" that has been taking place in Canada since Sunday.

Apparently some hackers claim they have stolen the personal information of 90,000 customers from Bank of Montreal and CIBC.

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According to reports, the hackers are trying to use this information to get some kind ransom from the bank. 

At this point we don't know what the hackers are demanding or what exactly they plan to do if their demands aren't met. But BMO did confirm that a threat was made. 

The spokesman for the bank claims that only 50,000 of the bank's 8 million Canadian customers have been hacked, and they aren't confirming whether any customers lost money. 

Customers are being advised to review their banking logs to make sure there hasn't been any suspicious activity in their accounts recently. 

Royal Bank, Scotiabank and TD Bank claim they have not been hit by any attacks.