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Halifax Man Breaks World Record For "Most Donairs Ever Eaten" In The Most Canadian Stunt Ever (Video)

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Halifax Man Breaks World Record For "Most Donairs Ever Eaten" In The Most Canadian Stunt Ever (Video)

This is the most Canadian thing you've heard all week.

In a video posted to Youtube, Nova Scotia-based food blogger Joel Hansen consumes an astonishing nineteen donairs in just one hour, breaking what he calls a "world record."

For those unfamiliar with the popular food item, a donair is a sandwich consisting of meat and onions wrapped in pita. It has become a staple of Halifax cuisine, according to The Globe and Mail.

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TL;DR Joel Hansen claims to break the world record for most donairs eaten in one hour in a stunning video posted to Youtube.

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Hansen's video is intriguing (even nausiating). He manages to not throw up, but the donairs become more and more of a struggle as they pile up in his stomach. 

It is the time between donairs when Hansen seems to waver most. But he appears to engage a kind of mindless perseverance that enables him to consume an entire sandwich in as little as a few seconds.

The hardest moments to watch, perhaps, are those when Hansen is forcing food with his fingers into his already-packed mouth. The growing pile of donair wrappers on the chair beside him is also hard to view.

Whose record did he break? His own (!), according to Global News.

Watch the video below:

Hansen's entire Youtube channel consists of stunning, even death-defying food challenges. In another video, he performs what he calls "CANADA'S BIGGEST POUTINE & BBQ CHALLENGE!"

In must have taken years to train his body to consume food like this.

He deserves a national congratulations. Maybe he could be the next Governor General? Only time will tell.


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