Several Towns Around Montreal Are Postponing Halloween Due To Rainstorm In The Forecast

Halloween is going to be celebrated on November 1st this year.
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Several Towns Around Montreal Are Postponing Halloween Due To Rainstorm In The Forecast
  • Some Montreal suburbs have decided to celebrate Halloween on Friday, November 1 due to the rainstorm that is in the forecast for tomorrow.
  • Find out if your town is postponing Halloween below!

Every year, on October 31, kids from across the province celebrate Halloween by going on the streets dressed in their finest costumes to collect as much candy as possible. However, with a big rainstorm approaching Quebec, it seems that some municipalities around Montreal have decided to do otherwise to celebrate this holiday on a different day. The city of Sainte-Julie was the first to decided to postpone Halloween 2019 for a day

It was on the Facebook page of the municipality of Sainte-Julie that the announcement was made this morning, the day before Halloween, to warn its citizens that the town's festivities are going to be postponed until Friday, November 1 due to weather conditions.

"The city of Sainte-Julie is asking citizens to postpone their Halloween festivities to Friday, November 1, due to the heavy rain announced for the evening of October 31," says their Facebook post.   

A storm that will include 40 and 50 mm of rain and strong winds up to 90 km/h is what's in the cards for this Thursday, which would make trick-or-treating a little unpleasant.

Mayor Suzanne Roy clarified this decision stating that "usually, the rain would not have made us change the date of the event; it's really the expected amount of the precipitation that drives us to do it."

 On social networks, this announcement has already received many reactions, and they're quite mixed. Some residents believe it's an "excellent initiative," while others believe it's should be a "parent's decision." 

It seems that Sainte-Julie is not the only city that has made this decision. Martin Dulac, the Mayor of McMasterville, a neighbouring municipality of Sainte-Julie, also shared that Halloween will happen on November 1 in his city. 

Same thing in Varennes-Hôtel de Ville. 

Other towns that are postponing Halloween for a day includes Beloeil, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Saint-Amable, Saint-Mathias-sur-Richelieu, Saint-Sébastien, Sainte-Angèle-de-Monnoir, Sainte-Julie, and Sorel-Tracy. According to TVA, Chambly has said its Halloween will still take place on October 31.

We're left wondering if the residents of these towns are really going to celebrate Halloween on November 1st or some will still risk celebrating it on October 31st. Maybe these places will simply end up with two Halloween nights. 

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