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Halloween Pumpkin Carvings That You Could Never Make

Don`t event try, quit while you are ahead.
Halloween Pumpkin Carvings That You Could Never Make

Every year you tell yourself that you'll finally carve a pumpkin. None of that elementary school bullshit either, you mean REALLY carve an epic pumpkin! But  here are 10 Jack-O-Lanterns you will never be able to make.

This Halloween, forget carving demons into your pumpkins. Drug addicted sociopaths are WAY scarier!

This one even has the flannel shirt down, how is this even possible? As someone who can barely slice a loaf of bread properly, this is blowing my mind.

Ahhhh, good old Walter White. Breaking Bad will never die. NEVER!

Those eyes though.. Mario is kinda freaking me out.

Aaaaaand this one wins the "Fuck You" award for pumpkin carving I'm most likely never to be able to carve.

Old school demon carvings always hit the mark. Of course mine end up looking like Count Chocula instead of this horrific masterpiece.

Wait... that's no pumpkin... IT'S A TRAP! Alright, no more Star Wars puns, but this death Star is out of this world! That was a space pun, not the same thing.

See it just isn't fair that someone can carve a Van Gogh into a freakin pumpkin when I can't trace it for shit. I'm writing a letter.

EYE OF THE TIGER. Nuff said.

Yeah... never gonna happen.

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