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H&M Is Having A Huge 60% Off Sale Across Canada Right Now

Time to start shopping for summer!
H&M Is Having A Huge 60% Off Sale Across Canada Right Now

It's finally beautiful outside, and the weather will hold strong now all season long. 

If any of you are like me, you may need to start shopping and add some more seasonal items to your wardrobe as soon as possible! Good thing there are some pre-season sales happening right now! 

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H&M just launched a 60% off sale, with many items across all categories seeing some pretty awesome discounts. 

There is a mix of seasonal items on sale right now so you can scoop up some major discounts on lighter coats, sweaters, and jeans...

...but, that does not mean there are tons of summer items on sale, too! Swimsuits are also currently on sale. 

Via H&M

Seeing as festival season is finally upon us in Montreal, I would start planning out your epic outfits to wear to Osheaga, Jazz Fest, or just around town in general right now!

H&M always has some unique items, that are cheaper - so you don't have to worry about trashing them while out partying. In fact, just buy two of them! At these prices, it is totally worth it.

Just about every year before I hit up Osheaga I grab myself a cheap pair of kicks at H&M, sometimes even 2 - and then I'm not at all mad when they get ruined in the dirt! 

Via H&M

As usual with H&M sales, the best option is to shop online - and if you spend enough shipping is free! Word to the wise, though, H&M does not accept in-store returns for online orders, and most of the time clearance or sale items are non-refundable. 

Also, when it comes to sale items H&M's in-store stock and prices can vary greatly - so just save yourself the hassle, grab a coffee and get your shop on, online!

H&M has also launched a new in-store offer for customers who have older, unused clothes and textiles. You can bring them to your local H&M to be recycled - because the greener way is the best way! 

If you do, you'll also get a $5 discount on your next purchase!

So, stop wasting time - clean out your closet, head to H&M, and re-build your summer wardrobe for 2018 right now! 

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