H&M Is Having A Huge 70% Off Clearance Sale

All the winter items are clearing out for Spring!
H&M Is Having A Huge 70% Off Clearance Sale

Did you hear the good news? It's springtime in Montreal and next week our weather will finally start to show it. 

That is if good old Mother Nature and the folks at The Weather Network don't pull a fast one us and report more snow. I think we've finally made it through the worst! 

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Springtime also means its time for your favourite retail stores to do their annual spring cleaning. Just about every store has some good deals for all your shopping needs this spring. 

H&M is a go-to for discount clothes that aren't the worse. 

Via H&M

Right now, H&M is holding a winter clearance sale, and they have plenty of items all up to 70% off.

The sale is online, and in-stores - but they advise that prices online may not be reflected in stores so it could be a hassle to shop on foot. 

Luckily, all the H&M merchandise your heart desires is available on their website, and they have plenty of items at 50% with a good handful discounted at 70% off. 

Via H&M

As usual, the ladies selection beats out everything - because shopping is more important for women, right? 

They've got some great deals for men and kids wear, and also their home section, too! I didn't even know H&M had home stuff - I mean, no one thinks 

Hey! Let's go buy forks and knives at H&M! 

Well, if you want to, you can - they are 50% off right now. 

Via H&M

The biggest draw here is all the winter clothes, with jackets and bombers down at least 50% across the board.

I'd act fast, though, and make sure you know your size as sales are usually final, and unfortunately H&M does not offer in-store returns. 

Check out H&M's Cold Weather deals now! 

Happy Spring shopping, Montreal! 

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