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Harry Styles Is Going On Tour In Canada

It's a 'sign of the times'.
Harry Styles Is Going On Tour In Canada

Hey, remember how Harry Styles is basically the most awesome human being in the whole world?

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Oh, did you not know that? Well, friend, now you know. You're welcome.

via @tendenciasv

And to add to his sheer awesomeness, Harry Styles is going to be paying Canada a visit some time very, very soon!

via @1d.harryystyles

He's added more places and dates to his Live On world tour. So, in the summer of 2018, Harry Styles will be touring in Toronto (June 16 at the Air Canada Centre) and Vancouver (July 6 at the Rogers Arena). 

via @dear_annabell_lee

We reached out to see if he's going to be stopping over in Montreal. No news yet on whether or not he will be, but here's hoping there's some very good news in the near future for us!


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