Having Sex With A Lot of Women Protects Men Against Cancer

It's science.
Having Sex With A Lot of Women Protects Men Against Cancer

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Men of Montreal, especially the sluttier ones, you're in for a pleasantly surprising new bit of information from the world of science: having more sexual partners significantly lowers the chance of developing prostate cancer, as having multiple sexual partners was shown to protect against the disease, reports The Gazette.

Researchers at UdeM and INRS (Institut Armand-Frappier) looked into the sex lives of 3, 208 different men, and questioned participants on various aspects of their respective lifestyles. 1,590 of the men were already diagnosed with prostate cancer, with the rest serving as a comparison group.

The team's findings demonstrated that men who have had more than 20 different sexual partners were 28% less likely to develop prostate cancer. No exact reason was determined, but one theory suggests frequent ejaculation is the reason for the reduced risk.

Fellas with long-term beau's may be saying "but I cum all the time!" and I'm sure you do, though that's not what the theory is getting at. Marie-Élise Parent points out that the +20 sexual partners-effect is over the course of a lifetime, and men who change sexual partners more frequently were found to keep their ejaculation rates up.

Parent made certain to emphasize that sleeping with a lot of women to reduce your risk of prostate cancer is not meant to be understood as "all at the same time" but rather over the course of one's life. Sorry gents, no excuse to have an orgy here.

Unfortunately, my queer brethren, these findings do not crossover to guy on guy sex. For whatever reason (none was officially found in the study) having sex with more than 20 men actually doubles the likelihood of getting prostate cancer when compared to 'dem heteros. Any straight guys looking to experiment, no stress, sleeping with a single guy doesn't increase any risks, so feel free to ring me whenever.

Even virgins get kind of a bad deal, as men who have never done the dirty were nearly double as likely to develop prostate cancer. No sex and a higher risk of having a life threatening disease? Talk about a lose-lose.

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