Hazardous "Polar Vortex" Will Be Coming To Quebec This Week

Driving is definitely out of the question for this evening.
Hazardous "Polar Vortex" Will Be Coming To Quebec This Week

Now is the time, Montreal. Come tonight the roads will disappear under heaps of snow, frigid temperatures will force everyone inside, and the entire city will once again turn into the winter nightmare we're all dreading. Really, no one is excitedly looking forward to the "polar vortex" about to hit the province, but at least we can prepare in advance for it.

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TL;DR Environment Canada has issued a travel warning for Montreal in preparation for the winter storm hitting the city tonight. With blowing snow reducing visibility on roads, driving will be near impossible and extremely hazardous. More details below.

Early this morning Environment Canada released an urgent statement warning Montrealers of the dangers of the upcoming weather. With 10cm of snow for tonight accompanied by 50km/h wind, you'll probably want to listen to any warnings they offer.

With the heavy winds blowing snow across highways, roads, walkways and anywhere else across the city, trying to drive will be near impossible if not pointless. Limited visibility will pose danger not only for the driver but for any other indivduals on the road, or perhaps pedestrians trying to escape the storm.

Travel being so hazardous has led to the Environment Canada warning that asks Montrealers to stay off roads. Travel will be so difficult in the conditions that you'll be glad you did.

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Another warning follows, reminding Montrealers that with the weather deteriorating rapidly, drivers should be prepared for sudden changes in driving conditions.

Until the storm officially hits us tonight, all we can do is wait for the miserable days to follow this week. Stay tuned for more information on the "polar vortex."


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